Friday 15 February 2013

Beautiful ice lanterns

How to make...

Photo Kodin Kuvalehti

You need buckets (1x10ltr and 1xsmaller), minus temperatures, water and some patience..

1. Fill the large bucket about 3/4 full of water.

2. Place rocks or some heavy items inside the small container to weigh it down, about halfway down inside the large bucket. The top of the smaller container should be about even with the top of the large bucket.

3. Freeze the bucket of water by placing it outside when it gets minus temperatures. Set it aside until frozen solid.

4. Run warm water over the outside of the large bucket.

5. Run some warm water inside the small container to loosen it, easier to remove it. This then leaves the spot where to set the candle.

6. Make several lanterns and place them along your driveway or sidewalk.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Brown Paper Xmas wrapping&deko

Brown paper is just so versatile and creates that down to earth eco look for your presents and decorations. 
Also old maps are another great way of recycling,  
use them as wrapping or may be cut some little stars out of them and hang in your tree...
Little hearts below can be created into a chain with sewing machine- easy!

                                        Photos Homelife, Elle Maison, Pugs&Fishes etc.

Alternative Xmas tree

Here is some great alternative options for the traditional Xmas tree. These might work well, if you have a small apartment with limited floor space or just simply don't feel like cleaning the pine needles afterwards.

Be inspired to do your tree differently this year!

                                      Photos by VtWonen, Donna Hay, Country Living, Wood&Wool

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Little Villa Illusia

This little gem is a true "home away from home" in Hanko, the sunny south of Finland.
We went for an Autumn midweek getaway to find some peace, rest and comfort in the middle of our own cabin renovation.

Not only did we find a comfortable bed and warm shower instead of our usual, more "rustic" way of "bucket-showering in the sauna", we found a place that has been planned and created with heart and soul, paying attention to every little detail.

After admiring the harmonious deco surrounding me, I sank into the comfy lounge with great selection of interior magazines that were neatly stacked on the shelf.  Of course, this serene vision was accompanied by the snoring of my lovely partner, snuggled in the end of the couch..

My holiday had begun!

I warmly recommend this lovely little Villa, for more info, check;

Now, let the pictures speak for themselves...

Saturday 29 September 2012

Tiny home

What a clever way of using the small space. The rustic wall works as a real eye catcher in the kitchen. Bunk beds for kids and the nook upstairs create space for some rest. The tall window brings in the nature in the bathroom. All you need is here- simply sweet!

All photos by Lincoln Barbour

Monday 11 June 2012

Eating out

Summer has finally arrived in Scandinavia and it is time to enjoy it to the most! Moving your eating outdoors will set you in "summer-mode"!

Here some ideas for outdoorsy deko...

Photo Sköna Hem

Photo Home&Garden

Photo Sköna Hem

Photo Sköna Hem

Photo Susanna Skog

Monday 23 April 2012

Pompoti small shop&cafe

Let me introduce this colourful little gem!
You instantly feel the charm of this place once you arrive the front yard of the red wooden house, called "Punainen talo" in Riihimäki, southern part of Finland.

Take off your shoes and step into this cafe&shop where you can take your kids "guilt-free" with you!!

Miia and Jenni, friends& owners of Pompoti welcome everyone
to enjoy their dream come true place

You can find many colourful gifts, interior deco items and toys in this cute shop

In the summer time you can also enjoy your coffee outside in the veranda

Some sweets- they also do catering here!!

For more info, visit

Sunday 1 April 2012

Easter egg basket

Be G-R-E-E-N-er this Easter and make your own egg basket by weaving it from branches, old newspapers or scrab fabric.

Also the egss can be coloured in natural ways, eg. with red cabbage,carrots, onion skin...

Photo Greenliving

DIY Easter wreath

Easter wreath with eggs and grass

Photo Shelterness