Thursday 10 March 2011

Room divider

Photo VtWonen
Unique wardrobe works well as a room divider in large loft style bedroom


Indigo is a cooling and soothing colour and it works well all around the house. 

Photo VtWonen

Mix and Match blue and indigo cushions on white daybed.

Photo VtWonen

Indigo is a great choice for the bedroom- it can be soothing and purifying colour for the stressful mind

Photo VtWonen

Indigo on the floors, together with white walls, create a fresh look.

Photo VtWonen

Indigo mixed with grey for kitchen cupboards. Use chalkboard paint for shelving and write your own signs/tags.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Rustic kitchen

Photo VtWonen

Many shapes and shades of wood create cozy and rustic ambience. Desk light works on the wall too.

Photo Klikk No

Stainless steel equipments give a great contrast to the recycled timber table. Paint a board with the chalkboard paint- write the menu of the day!