D-I-Y quick projects

Some ideas how to create decorative things by using the things you already have available.
Only sky is the limit or is it...

Photo Better Homes and Gardens

Using old head board of the bed to keep your mail or papers organized.

Photo Deko

Can't find the right lamp shade- how about a bucket?

Photo Deko

Collect branches from your backyard, peel the bark, paint and screw- great hooks.

Photo Deko

Clever idea for the party food.Serving dish from odd collection of plates. Egg cups, small vases or candle holders work well in between the plates.

Photo Scandinavian Decor

Welcome- C & R lives here.
Get paper mache letters from the local craft store, paint them your favourite colour and hang on the front door with little nails.

Photo 101 ideaa

Re-use your tin cans, with touch of paint, metal wire and little holes (use nail&hammer) on the sides- cute lanterns for the veranda or garden.

Photo 101 ideaa

Didn't like the earlier idea with the plastic bucket as a lamp shade?
How about wicker basket then, you can also spray paint it to your liking...